Oriental Dingxin International Farm and sideline Products Trading Center coners an area of 1700 acers with the total investment of 5,600,000,000 RMB.It will be built in 3 terms. The first term is designed for the management of imported high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables. It is farm and sideline products trading center composed by wholesale-retail market, deep processing, modern warehouse & logistics, exhibition and E-commerce.
Qingdao Oriental Dingxin International Farm and sideline Products Trading Center is located in a advantageous place, No.88,Fuxin Road, Daxin Town,Jimo County,Qingdao City, which is 40 kms to the downtown of Qingdao, 12 kms to the Qingdao International Airport,30 kms to the Qingdao Port, 3kms to the Jimo Railway Station; to the East and North is Qing-Xin Expressway (G2011), to the West and South is the Qing-Yin (Ji-Qing/G20) Expressway, to the South and West is Qing-Rong High-speed Railway, to the North and East is the Qing-Wei Expressway; with Provice-level Road 309 and 203 inside its area. The transportation here is very convenient, which is suitable for large-scale business and trading logistics.
Qingdao Oriental Dingxin International Farm and sideline Products Trading Center is a member of China Fruit Circulation Association, with the assistance of which, it regularly holds the Taiwan Fruits Exhibition,Australia Fruits Exhibition etc, which attract a large number of intemational fruit traders. Besides, we will develop retail clients from Shandong Province and north of China, which will provide us with offices for purchase. We have close cooperative relationships with some large business groups, such as Jiajiayue-wifang, Zhongbai-weifang, Liqun, Weekly, Likelai, Aveon, Carrefour, Rt-mart, Metro-qingdao, and In Zone-jinan etc.
Oriental Dingxin, depending on the exporting and importing advantages and economics radiation capability of Qingdao City, with the assistance of E-commerce platform, is developing international popular farm and sideline products auction trading mode and can provide integration services including farm and sideline products checking and customs, Inspection and Quarantine and logistics. It will be developed into the most influential farm and sideline products trading base in the north of China.
Qingdao Oriental Dingxin International Farm and sideline Products Trading Center focuses on the management of imported and local dry &fresh fruits, which is composed by whosale and retail, deep processing, storage, logistics, exhibition and E-commerce. At present, it owns 5 trading lots covering 85000 square kms, standard Cold Storage Room, covering about 24300 square kms, Banana Storage, Mango Storage and Dried Fruits Storage, covering about 26000 square kms, 12 commercial and residential buildings, covering about 72000 square kms, which can satisfy both residents and office uses. Besides ,there 320 guestrooms in the trading center, which can provide accommodation for clients and guests. There are also 16 various restaurants, which can provide adequate food for clients.
When the trading center is finished, it can provide job opportunities for more than 5000 persons directly and indirectly, which will be very important for the solution of employment problem for both people from the downtown and from the surrounding villages. When the trading platform is finished, it will accelerate the development of other industries, such as jimo finance, hotel, hospitality, printing, transportation and so on, which is a big power for the local economy.
There is a pesticide residue library in the trading center ,where avanced 16-lane fast pesticide residue testing equipment is installed. Compared with the previous pesticide residue testing card, 16-lane fast pesticide residue testing equipment improves the testing efficiency and accuracy.
There are 3 professional testers in the library, so the amount of samples and testing frequency will be increaced. The result will be published everyday to guarantee the product quality for citizens.